10 Mei 2017

AHF presenteert een bijzondere editie van AHF DUBBELLIKKER: MISANTHROPE.
Een kwellende expositie waarbij werk wordt getoond vol van onheilspellende concepten. Duistere prints met mensonterende omstandigheden en beledigende gebaren.
Bier en Brood en Riq Etiq zijn het eens. De maatschappij is gedoemd te mislukken. Een harmonieuze samenleving is onmogelijk.

Een expositie van Bier en Brood en Riq Etiq. Met muziek van Doctor O, Captured Earthling en Misantropical Island.

Paard Cafe
Prinsegracht 10
2512 GA Den Haag

Vrijdag 25 mei 2017 19:30 uur

januari 2017
The Fashion System Explained


People hack themselves. By adapting identities they do not represent, mankind arrogates and abuse codes.
Influenced by mass media, pop culture and social media platforms they express themselves against their own image.
A short animation explains this system of propaganda, control and mass production.

31 oktober 2016
Mural at Mono

Mono is a venue where u can have lunch and enjoy a cup of coffee while you work on your computer.
They also have room for experimental music nights and on their wall there is a temporary painting.
Next to Levi Jacobs and Jeroen Ammerlaan, I had the oppertunity to paint it. This is the result.

The painting is up until January

20 oktober 2016
A gift to Ibiza

Even on my vacation I really have to paint.
My girlfriend and me went to Ibiza which i an Island full of abandoned places.
I visited the First Club of Ibiza called Festival Club to paint a wall on the fallen stage.
The wall on the first couple of picture is my gift to Ibizia.
I made a artist impression of the captiol Eivissa and it is located next to one of the main roads to this city.

10 september 2016
De tour bus van Harry Merry

Together with Lastplak we painted the tour bus of Outsider musician Harry Merry.
The last three years Lastplak invited me to join them painting on Baroeg Open air.
Since i consider myself a fan of Harry Merry, this year was rather special for me because i had the oppertunity to paint the tourbus of the culthero.

My favorite song of Harry Merry is Clarissa.

02 oktober 2016
Amsterdam Streetart Jam


The team of Amsterdam Street Art invited me to join them and several other artist in a jam in Amsterdam.
We painted a blue fence next to the ol ING office.
In this work i made a collage of combined older work like the portrait of Ivan Doroschuk and the isometric part.

Thanks for the invitation!

05 september 2016
Mercedes Camper

The themes to work with on this van where world cultures and nautica.
Since the owner of the van lives on a boat he wanted a home away from home displayed on his camper.
Another thing he wanted where seperated works with open doors.
This piece of work was a challange but im very happy with the result.

09 juli 2016
De Geheime Tuin

Jelmer Konjo and me made this painting in a secret garden.
The painting is called 'the gardener' becouse that is what we made.
Painting this, got me motivated to make more paintings in the future.

Upper two pictures are made by Wijnand van Till.

30 juni 2016
Men Without Hats

I have started a project about music.
I will make a variety of illustrations about bands, producers and artist who i like to listen to.

The second artist is: Men Without Hats
This is band is really a one of a kind in my opinion.
The positive 80's synthesizer music in combination with the often confusing lyrics gives the feeling of being part of a story that only lives in the heads of the bandmembers.
One of the myserious figures in their repertoire is Tony.
He is selling parachutes door to door becouse its always a war and Tony had been kidnapped before he got to old.
This illustration is taken from their hit song 'The Safety Dance'
Check out the video i made this illustration off!



26 juni 2016

Last weekend I was invited to paint during the Straatfeest event in the Spuistraat in Amsterdam. The painting is called "Unidentified" becouse I cant define all this different kind of personalities within the human race. They are all so very different and therefore so beautiful.

20 april 2016

Restaurant Rauwdouwer has its wall painted by me.
Themes like the Fair and fifties & sixties advertisement are represented.
Visit the restaurant on westzeedijk 381J in Rotterdam.


22 februari 2016
Collaboration with Bier en Brood

During the art academies open day i joined the collective Bier en Brood in the mural the where working on.
The theme was transcendence dimension, pretty spaced out! Some other students joined the wall aswell.
Thanx for the fun time guys!

11 januari 2016
Music variety presents: RIP David Bowie

I have started a project about music.
I will make a variety of illustrations about bands, producers and artist who i like to listen to.

The second artist is: David bowie
Having one of his latest songs "Blackstar" in my head for the last few weeks, itis very sad to hear David Bowie past away.
He had been following me trough my life. The first time i met him in music it was trought my father who is used to listen to him.
Ever since i have been caught by his appearance aswel as in music as in film, like the movies Labyrinth and Basquiat.
May you rest in peace David.
Check out the video i made this illustration off!


06 januari 2016
Mural Toko51

Last year i started painting this wall on the West-Kruiskade in Rotterdam.
This year i finaly had the change to finish the colourfull piece in Toko51.
It was my first time of painting with the montana waterbase line and i must say,
its work pretty nice!

The foundation Cretopia Rotterdam exists for and by artists and residents of the port city.
A platform that provides space for art of any genre , in every conceivable form .
Collectively we bring more color and movement in the streets and in the buildings of Rotterdam .

05 & 06 december 2015
Kerst op het Liesveld


This weekend i made a pair of illustration during the Crea-Kerst event in Vlaardingen.
The inspiration i got from photography books i brought.
I searched for pictures and images i liked and then i made a composition of it on this wooden signs.
The works will be auctioned in the so called 'glazen huis' In Vlaardingen next week.

22 november 2015
Music variety presents: RIP Armand

I have started a project about music.
I will make a variety of illustrations about bands, producers and artist who i like to listen to.

The second artist is: Armand
Armand, One of the fewer dutch cult singers has just past away.
The Bob Dylan of Holland was a protest singer.
Armand 's music is known for its socially critical lyrics , often inspired by the hippie ideology.
Rest in Piece Armand
Check out the video i made this illustration off!


08 november 2015
The Pioneer

The pioneer is the Academic newspaper of the WDKA.
In this edition there is a full page about me and my work.
It showcases some of my latest creations and the story behind it.
For anyone who is intrested to obtain a copy of it u can contact me or take a find it at WDKA.


31 oktober 2015
Mural kantine Willem de Kooning Academy

Last week, 2 other illustration students and me worked on a mural for the Academy canteen. Jasper, Wouter and me are gonna reveal the work today during the schools open day around 16:00. Everybody is welcome to come and check it out.

Next to this, also be sure to come and visit our last day of the Popupshop in Sneakerculture on the Kruiskade in Rotterdam. 3th year illustration students will sell their work and im a partaker!
This is a link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/489725881188377/

07 oktober 2015
Portfolio night WDKA

For the portfolio night at art school i made a presentation of my work.
It shows my disciplines like murals, digital work and handmades.
I also made a collection of original drawings. Two of these are displayed above.
To show the potential internship companies my lack of materialism and love for creating, I might give them away!

05 oktober 2015
Game Concept

Game concept
Jules Verne & The Writers Block.

The video game is a individual project formed by a small company that makes applications for mobiel consoles. The company exist of a small team of friends who started as amateurs but are slowly turning into pros.
The games is based on a RPG/roleplaying game on the tablet and phone which is settled in a isometric world that excises out of a cartoon like environment and playful atmosphere. The story goes that Jules Verne himself is the main character. He has gone totally mad and has been trapped into the fantasy that the real world became a mixture or mass of all of his most famous books. Now its time for him to sort things out. There for he has to go trough a whole bunch of levels that combine all the story lines and content around the subjects putten forward. In this levels he has to solve tasks, puzzles and find hidden objects to complete a book. This can contain the main character, space and time, themes and all including. For completing a book he, sometimes has to go to previous levels and back. Every book has the same amount of levels as chapters.
For completing the game he has to complete the following books:

1 - Around the world in eighty days
2 - The adventures of captain Hatteras
3 - Journey to the center of the Earth
4 - From the earth to the Moon
5 - The mysterious Island
6 - Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

Because the game starts all messed up and its like a setting everything straight type of game, this game is very interesting to play. Because once u have started playing, the results are shown right away. The game is easy to play with a handle and action buttons on screen. This give the player the feeling it can move around freely trough the levels. Also jumping, swimming, flying, digging, riding vehicles and all kinds of movements are part of the game. The character change appearance in between levels. Getting further in the game makes the character stronger and upgrades of weapons and the character itself are needed.

22 september 2015
Baroeg open air & RET parade

This weekend The Baroeg festival took place in the South of Rotterdam.
Me, next to a bunch of other artist where asked to paint a fence on location
It is a festival filled with alternative music like metal and electronic styles.
It was real fun!

The next day i went to participate on a company event.
The public transport company RET had a fair like festival where i painted this canvas.
It was a good weekend for sure!

09 september 2015
Music variety presents: Tim & Eric

I have started a project about music.
I will make a variety of illustrations about bands, producers and artist who i like to listen to.

The second duo is: Tim & Eric
Tim & Eric were the creators of the American sketch comedy series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
which aired on Adult Swim.
In this illustration, Tim and Eric play the musical group Casey and his brother.
A duo who perform goofy songs that sound realy bad.
That is becouse Casey suffers from facial eczema and extreme stage fright. His brother just dances in a intresting way.
Anyhow they try their very best, its a true comedy.
Tim and Eric made alot more then just this, for example: Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, A must see!
Check out the video i made this illustration off!


10 augustus 2015
Music variety presents: Laibach

I have started a project about music.
I will make a variety of illustrations about bands, producers and artist who i like to listen to.

The first Band is: Laibach
Laibach is a music project of the New Slovenian Art group.
The controversial band is most famous for its crypto-fascistic lyrics and dark musical style.
I dont really care what they sing about, thats up to u to decide.
Provocing is a human right!
But what i like about The music from Laibach is its strong catchy yet dark wavey songs.
Check out the song i made this illustration off!


04 augustus 2015
Family visit

Today i paid my family a visit for a little job they had for me.
I was asked to paint on a piece of metal they will put on the door of their barn.
All they wanted was the number 45 on it, because that is the number of the house.
I had to use my imagination to fill in the rest of the piece of metal.

01 augustus 2015
Mijn kunstwerk op Lowlands

So I joined a competition for the Lowlands festival 2015.
I like to enter competitions like these because it gives me the chance to show my work to a broader public.
For now I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

29 juli 2015
Volkswagen vacation

IMG 2042

Last couple of days i have been working on this Volkswagen van.
Maartje and Pieter are traveling with it through Europe as we speak.
They promised me to send me some nice pictures when they return form their vacation.
When the pictures arrive i will put them online ASAP!

29 juli 2015
Shapes & forms

Scan 150316 0003

Currently im working on some shape experiments.
Its about letting go of my save environment and entering one which is all about total freedom of feeling.

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